Rise of the Kobolds

Keyotis and I gave the demo for SDE a whirl using D&D minis we had on hand, and the stats/cards from the Soda Pop Miniatures Site.  We printed it all out on card stock, to give it a try.

Keyotis has played the hero’s, I’ve been the kobolds.  He totally kicked my butt the first time we played, until we realized that I wasn’t moving all the Kobolds as I was allowed.  First round went to his Dwarven Fighter, and the Elf Ranger.

Second game was night and day different, and I completely shredded his Human Mage and Paladin.  Then we realized we shoulda started him off with some potions.


I’ve been looking forward to this game since I saw it this summer at GenCon, at the Soda Pop Miniatures booth.  Everything I have seen so far, makes it look like a simple, but fun miniature game.  The cartoony characters look like a lot of fun to paint, with a chance to use some bright cheery colors.

While I only keep seeing the “2011″ date, and nothing more specific – it looks like they are getting close to having most of the models announced.  Soda Pop SDE.


Artist: Larry Elmore

Sculptor: Dennis Mize

Dark Sword Miniatures

Early Snow – Female Witch, from the Elmore Masterworks Set #3

Vallejo Paints used:

White – base coat, and eye detail

Medium Grey – base

Gunmetal Grey – dagger

Black – eye detail

Beige – skin

Intermediate Green – Cloak

Deep Green – Cloak shading

Turquoise – Dress

Copper/Flat Red/Flat Brown – Hair

Finished with a dip in The Army Painters QuickShade – Strong Tone

Total time to complete – 2 hours (not including dry time)


I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the board since my last update.

Work with the Sculptamold was completed, evening out the tiered layers, and adding shape and definition to the cave.  Most of the work was done using drywall tools, and a couple clay sculpting tools I have on hand.  Stairs from the Hirst Arts mold #71 were cast in dental plaster, painted with a wash,  and pressed into the Sculptamold, to indicate were mini’s should path.  I tested the angle of the stairs, using the Ghulam of the Suleman Family miniature  from Alkemy’s Khaliman Republic.

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